Graphics Kit For Husqvarna ‘TRACE 2’


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What kind of print base would you like for your graphics? We now offer CHROME print materials as well. Rather than printing on standard white material, you can choose to print onto silver or holographic chrome, turning all the colours in your kit metallic! Please note that all colours will look slightly different as the chrome print material shines different hues in different lights. Production terms are slightly increased with chrome materials (about 3 business days).
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If none type 'none'

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Don`t upload popular industry logos, only your own team, sponsor logos. Accepted file formats .pdf .eps .ai
Would you like to receive a design preview before the production? This option is FREE, but may slightly increase product turnaround time.
You get mini number plate stickers with your name and number to match your front number plate.
Size approximately 70mm x 70mm (2,8″ x 2,8″)

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We strive to provide our customers with the best possible dirt bike graphics out there. All our products not only allows them to look stunning while hitting tracks, but also are high quality, easy to apply and suitable for any riding conditions. All our graphics are tested in harsh conditions and provide maximum quality & durability! It’s clear that every rider has their own style and that’s why our Husqvarna mx graphics are more than just colourful stickers. Available for most Husqvarna models like FC 350, FC 450, FC 250, FE 501, TE 300, TC 50, TC 85, FE 350 and more. With semi-custom Husqvarna dirt bike graphics from OMX on your bike you’ll cut a professional profile from the moment you bang bars and start fighting for the podium.

Whether you are looking for a graphics kit to sport Husqvarna colors on your FC 350 (or any other model) or an entirely new style, we’ve got you covered. Add a race-ready look to your ride by customising one of our pre-made custom designs.

‘TRACE’ graphics kit will look effective in any environment. White, grey and black – you just can’t go wrong with this one! Be sure heads will turning and photos will be taken.

To sum it up – here’s what you get by selecting FC 350 graphics (or other model) kit for your Husqvarna:

  • Premium quality;
  • Ultra durable;
  • Great price;
  • 21MIL thick;
  • Perfect fit;
  • Unique design;
  • Fast turnaround;
  • Free US & EU delivery;
  • Design mock-up for every order;
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee;
  • Confidence boost;

So far so good?

Guess it is the right time to say goodbye to peeling & awkward looking graphics and get the ones your FC 350 truly deserves.

By the way here is a “How to install MX graphics kit for Husqvarna” video




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Mx Graphics:

Weight 1.1 lbs (0.5kg)

Mx Graphics:

Dimensions 60cm x 40xm x 1cm

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