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Premium Quality Kawasaki MX Graphics

Kawasaki Mx Graphics

Your Kawasaki MX bike works hard to deliver top of the line performance in all conditions. The least you can do is pay it back by tripping it out with high quality Kawasaki Mx graphics. The trick is finding a company whose graphics will stand up to the rigors of the MX course and yet won’t require you to mortgage your home to purchase them. If you’ve been searching the Internet you know there are a many of websites that claim to supply just that. So how do you know which sites are the real deal and which are going to send you non-refundable junk that will peel off your beloved beast in mid-course? The easy way to avoid the stress and uncertainty is to simply start with Kawasaki MX graphics from OMX.

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The Value of Installing First Class Graphics on Your Kawasaki MX Bike

Motocross is unforgiving. When you’re not up to your saddle in mud and muck you’re being slammed from every possible direction by competitors intent on getting across the line in front of you. At a certain point all that muck and mire makes you essentially invisible to your fans as well as your team in the pit. The best way to ensure you cut a professional profile, stay visible to those people following your every move on the course and make sure the team that supports you doesn’t lose track of you is to install distinctive, high quality MX graphics on your Kawasaki monster. Even if you’re only into motocross for the fun of it high quality graphics from OMX will allow you to endow your two wheeled warrior with a one of a kind profile that will be the envy of everyone else on the trail.  

Why Choose OMX Kawasaki Mx Graphics for Your Bike?

Semi-custom Kawasaki MX graphics from OMX are the ideal solution for the rider who wants to cut the best possible profile and isn’t particularly invested in making sure his ride is the definition of individual style and expression. With our semi-custom graphics you get a rock solid, eye catching graphic foundation to build on as well as the ability to introduce enough detail to set you apart from the herd. These are no one-size-fits-all discount Kawasaki decal kits. These are long lasting, high quality graphics straight from the imagination of our world class designers and made available to you through our easy to use, reliable and affordable web based customization app.

At OMX we eat, sleep and breathe graphics for MX bikes and ATVs. We’ve been at this a long time and understand what it takes to produce the highest quality, professional grade graphics at a cost that won’t send our customers to the poor house. We never rest in our quest for perfection and to that end we:

  • Constantly subject our process to re-evaluation, reconsideration and refinement. Always looking for a better way to serve the needs of our diverse customer base wherever they are.
  • Design our semi-custom dirt bike graphics kits to appeal to a wide audience while at the same time leaving plenty of wiggle room for individual expression.
  • Work tirelessly to ensure our online ordering system is the best and most convenient in the industry. You’ll never have to worry about being stranded in cyberspace when you order your motocross graphics kits through our website.

The OMX Difference

As we said the goal of our online ordering system is to provide our customers with the easiest, most convenient and fastest way to design and purchase our top of the line Kawasaki mx graphics decals. But if you’ve ever tried to use some of our competitor’s websites to purchase decals for your bike you know that providing such a service is something that’s easier said than done. What sets OMX apart from our competitors can be explained with one word: commitment.

With many companies graphics are just one of the products they provide. With us, high quality motocross graphic kits are the backbone of our business and our reason for being. We’re not in this to make a few bucks and then disappear into the digital woodwork. We’re the number one MX graphics company around and intend to stay that way for as long as motocross remains a viable and exciting sporting option. Which is to say, for as long as people continue to love having a good time in the great outdoors.

The Convenience of Our Online Design and Ordering System

From our end the process is set in motion once you’ve determined which semi-custom graphics kit you want, entered your individual details and provided payment.

  • The minute payment is confirmed our production team springs into action.
  • In short order we put together concept art that shows exactly what your finished graphics will look like and send the images to you for your approval.
  • If any tweaks are necessary they’re performed at this time.
  • Once final approval is received we turn the job over to our highly trained print team.
  • They use the latest in digital printing technology to produce Kawasaki graphics of startling clarity and durability.
  • In most cases your order will be on its way to you within 3 to 5 days.

The Value of Semi-Custom MX Graphics for Kawasaki Dirtbikes

Readymade MX decal packages have their place. They’re typically cheap and easy to apply. What they’re not is durable, UV resistant or particularly attractive. If you aspire to something that will separate your Kawasaki MX bike from the herd and give it a profile that will stand it in good stead for years to come semi-custom Kawasaki MX graphics from OMX are the answer. If you are undecided about the value of a semi-custom graphics package from OMX consider the following.

  • Your Kawasaki MX bike is a physical extension of you – If you’re a true motocross rider you know the value of becoming one with your vehicle. You’ve taken the time to learn its strengths and weaknesses, you can tell just from the sound or the quality of the vibration in the handlebars if something is wrong and what it might be. You invest in proper maintenance and appreciate that your bike is not a blunt instrument, it’s a precision machine and the culmination of decades of engineered research and development. As such you don’t want to just stick a bunch of cheap decals on your bike. You want to embellish it with MX graphics befitting of its nature.
  • Semi-Custom Kawasaki MX Graphics Make it Easy for Your Fans to Identify You – Whether enclosed and tightly controlled or outdoors and loosely cobbled together an MX course is a chaotic affair. Dirt, mud, dust and all manner of sop is constantly flying everywhere. This miasma of race related byproducts produces a situation where it can be difficult in the extreme to tell one rider from the other, one bike from the other. When you invest in high quality, semi-custom graphics from OMX for your Kawasaki you’re providing your fans, followers and support team with the ability to keep you in their sites at all times.
  • They Just Look Great – There are a lot of good reasons to invest in OMX graphics for your bike but maybe the best reason is this: they just look great. The minute you ease up to the starting line every one of your competitors and each and every spectator will know you mean business. Your commitment both to your bike and to the task at hand will be apparent in every detail. “You never get a second chance to make a first impression” as they say. And the first impression you make with Kawasaki dirt bike plastics from OMX will be a positive and long lasting one.

There’s no law that says you must invest in high quality dirt bike graphics for your Kawasaki MX bike. But doing so provides both common sense as well as competitive advantages that make is one of the smartest bike-related purchases you can make.

The Proper Way to Install OMX Graphics on Your Kawasaki Motocross Bike

Purchasing high quality Kawasaki dirtbike graphic kits from OMX is an important first step in ramping up the value of your dirt bike. Here are the steps involved in making sure your new Kawasaki MX graphics are installed the way they were intended.

  • Make sure you prepare the surface – Before you even think about peeling off the back and placing one of your new graphics put them down and pick up a soft, damp cloth. Use it to wipe down every surface that will be accepting a graphic component. Once everything is cleaned this way determine if there are other areas that need more work. If need be clean them with a mild degreasing solution, rinse and dry them thoroughly. If you are installing new graphics over old ones you may have to use a 400 grit wet sandpaper to lightly scour that area where the old graphics have left residue behind.
  • Lay the graphics out next to the bike – Once you’re sure the surfaces are ready to receive the new semi-custom graphics from OMX lay them out next to the bike so you can see which one will go where and get an idea how they’ll fit together. At this point you can use a (small) piece of tape to tack the various sections to the bike where they’ll ultimately come to rest, just to make sure everything is how you envisioned it.
  • Start with the easy stuff – Getting the hang of installing these kinds of graphic treatments can take time. So make sure you start with the easiest components first. This will allow you to get familiar with the feel of the material, the quality of the adhesive and how difficult it may be to correct mistakes. So large flat surfaces first and take your time. This is not a race, it’s a process. Once the first large, flat section is in place use a squeegee to gently work out any air pockets or tiny creases. Just remember not to apply too much pressure.
  • Move on to the more difficult pieces – By the time you finish installing your new graphics on the big flat areas you should have a pretty good idea what you’re doing and will be ready to handle the more difficult components of the design. Again, take your time and do a couple of practice runs with the back still on the graphic so that you have good idea how you’re going to approach the installation process. There may be times when you’ll need to employ a hair dryer to smooth out bubbles, but make sure you use moderate temperature and don’t hold the dryer too close.

The gas tank on Kawasaki 150 dirt bikes can actually be quite tricky to attach graphics to. That’s because fumes from the tank can compromise the integrity of the plastic film. The best course of action is to empty the tank completely, then leave the cap off for a day or two so that any remaining gas and fumes can dissipate. At this point it’s safe to install your gas tank graphics.

Semi-custom Kawasaki mx graphics from OMX will endow your Kawasaki 80 dirt bike – or any other – with a professional custom designed aura that will allow it to stand out in the crowd no matter how gnarly things get on the track. Contact OMX to learn more or order you semi-custom graphics now through our online app.  

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